handbag collection

MODYOULART is not just a bag, it is an idea we carry with us. It is a small part of the bigger picture.

Modyoulart is an environmentally friendly collection of bags made from modular units. In contrast to mass-produced generic products, our bags emphasise and underline the role of the makers as well as the users (that means you) in the process of making and using. Due to its usefulness (it is something that we always carry with us), a bag is an excellent carrier of messages and at the same time the ideal medium to promote almost forgotten crafts and the vision of sustainable design.


The bags are made without sewing, using only intertwining – interweaving of the tags of the modular units. Modules are connected based on traditional embroidery patterns, which have common roots and motives despite the differences between the patterns of different cultures. When making the bags, the seams are replaced with connections between individual modules, and the intertwining of module tags results in a dynamic relief (surface) structure. It is a modern interpretation of a traditional craft – embroidery – which was used to decorate traditional clothing and other textiles.


The process of making bags, which consists of connecting smaller units into larger structures, is reflected also on the symbolic plane of forming interactions and connections between people and connecting individuals to their rich cultural heritage. Through reproduction of the rich cultural heritage, we weave new stories, as the traditional patterns pick up new character in the process of intertwining of the modules. We are not creating new patterns only in the literal sense, but also metaphorically, since the aim of the project is to create new, more sustainable patterns of production and consumption.


Mass customisation combines the advantages of mass production with the flexibility and personalisation of unique handcrafted products. Modular design makes it easy to create several variations of the product and promotes emotional connection with the product.


From the point of view of sustainability, the modular design provides several advantages and benefits. The same module can be used in different products, which helps rationalise the production process. The collection was designed according to the zero waste strategy. We use secondary material, which reduces the amount of waste, while the square shape of the modules ensures the optimal use of material with no leftovers.


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